Fitness Staff

Name: Nathaniel Melendez

Degree/Certifications: BS, Sports and Exercise Science, Human Performance (University of Central Florida). BLS Certification

Training Experience: Worked for Marriott Vacation Homes in the Orlando market and helped launched ‘clubTHRIVE’. Was involved in the program design of all classes and helped train fitness instructors while instructing classes myself.

Specialties: As an athlete, I enjoy doing my part to improve athletic performance (strength, agility, speed, explosiveness and power) while focusing on injury prevention. A huge focus of mine is mobility and flexibility.

Name: Kyndall Truett

Degree/Certifications: Bachelor of Science, ACSM Personal Trainer, ACSM Cancer Exercise Trainer

Training Experience: I’ve worked at the facility for over 10 years. I’ve worn many hats, but my best hat is on the fitness floor as a trainer, guiding members through their workouts.

Specialties: I like to work with special populations, especially the population of those who are currently undergoing treatment for cancer or those who have completed treatment. I enjoy working with orthopedics and the post-rehab individual who needs to transition from Physical Therapy to the fitness floor to continue their progress.

Name: Stacy Loudon

Degree/Certifications ACSM CPT, Schwinn indoor cycling, TRX, power plate

Training Experience: I have been training individuals and small groups, bootcamps, and group fitness classes in the Orlando and Clermont area for almost 25 years.

Specialties: Personal training, group fitness, and assisting members and visitors on the fitness floor. I love training for strength, weight loss and quality of life. I also enjoy training pregnant and post partum women. I love small group HIT training.

Name: Jeremy Arguelles

Degree/Certifications: certified personal training through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science.

Training Experience: I’ve been training since 2013 and still compete as a cyclist and triathlete

Specialties: At the NTC, I’m an exercise specialist who focuses on cardiovascular/endurance training, HIIT training, improving aerobic capacity, specifically for people that want to get stronger while improving cardiovascular endurance, time to fatigue, while leaning out at the same time. Runners, triathletes, or the overall health of the general population. I have lots of experience racing and training hard, so I know what it takes mentally and physically to succeed in your sport.

Name: Dave Brummert

Degree/Certifications: Bachelors in Kinesiology with an Athletic Training specialization, NATABOC certified Athletic Trainer for 4 years, MS: Exercise and Nutrition Science, NASM-certified personal trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Training Experience: I’ve been training for 9 years across 3 different gyms and 3 different states. I have over 12,000 training hours under my belt and I’ve trained everyone from 88 year-old men to Ironman Triathletes.

Specialties: At the NTC, I’m an exercise specialist. My niche is young athletes looking to improve their performance and active adults looking to improve their fitness. I also specialize in small group/team/semi-private training. I pride myself on being empathetic and connecting very well with clients. I train the entire person, not just the muscles. My programs have a heavy emphasis on nutrition, both for fitness and performance improvements.

Name: Julie Nunn

Degree/Certifications: MS: Human Performance, BS: Kinesiology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Training Experience: Former NCAA Division I track and field sprinter. Currently, I’m an assistant coach for Olympic sprinters in their running workouts and the weight room. I have also worked with high school and collegiate swimmers in their weight room training.

Specialties: I am a Performance Specialist at the National Training Center that coaches youth and high school athletes in weight room conditioning. I also perform sprinting running analyses, speed and agility training, and Functional Movement Screens that show deviations in athletic movements that could lead to injury if left untreated.

Name: Carolyn Lowell

Degree/Certifications: BS and MS: Exercise Physiology, ACE Certified Medical Exercise, ACSM Exercise is Medicine (EIM)

Training Experience: With over 25 years experience, I have worked with a variety of clients. I am passionate about working with those who are new to exercise as she enjoys teaching the fundamentals of health and fitness.

Specialties: Carolyn has been at the NTC for many years as an exercise physiologist and covers shifts on the weekends. She has a love of yoga and hopes to become a certified yoga instructor one day.

Name: Hemant Hariprashad

Degree/Certifications: BS: Sports and Fitness, MS in Exercise Science with a Rehab Science Track, CSM CPT, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Road Runners Club of America Running Coach, USAT Level 1 Track Coach, NASE Speed and Agility Caoch

Training Experience: I have over 13 years of training clients of all ages and levels, including coaching adult and children running groups.

Specialties: I have a passion for fitness and to help client accomplish their fitness goals and create a healthy lifestyle change for them. I also love to run have completed numerous full and half marathons, four 50ks, one 50 miler and 3 hundred miles relay.