Human Performance

Whether you are an elite triathlete seeking a competitive edge, looking for guidance in the confusing world of sports nutrition, or a weekend warrior executive wanting all of the winning secrets put together in a custom training plan, the National Training Center’s Human Performance Lab has the expertise to give you the tools for meaningful improvement.

The Human Performance Lab’s specialists offer knowledge and experience in a variety of sport-specific and performance applications. Contact us to create a method to achieve your ultimate goal.


  • VO2 Max (Maximal Oxygen Uptake Analysis)
  • Lactate Threshold Analysis
  • Running Gait Video Analysis
  • Sport Specific Skills Session (Running)



  • VO2 Max (Maximal Oxygen Uptake Analysis)
  • Lactate Threshold Analysis 
  • Professional (ReTul) Bike 
  • Sport Specific Skills Session (Cycling)



  • Basic Nutrition Consult
  • Sports Performance Nutrition Consult
  • Metabolic Efficiency Test


Coaching (All Sports)

  • E-Coaching
  • Six-Week Periodized Plan
  • Coaching Consultation
  • Mental Training


Individual Performance Sessions

  • Strength Training
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Olympic Weightlifting


Are you ready? Here’s how to prepare

Prior to arriving at the NTC Human Performance lab, please download the two required forms below and fill them out to the best of your abilities. We will review these forms during your facility orientation or prior to your first test.

NTC Waiver

HPL Health History

For any additional questions, or to schedule an appointment please email us at or call 352.241.7144.