Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 300-207 Exam Name: Implementing Cisco 200-125 dumps Threat Control Solutions Version: DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1 When learning accept mode is set to auto, and the 100-105 dumps action is set to rotate, when is the KB created and used? A. It is created every 24 hours and used for 24 hours. B. It is created every 24 hours, but the current KB is used. C. It is created every 1 hour and used for 24 hours. D. A KB is created only in manual mode. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 2 What are three benefits of the Cisco AnyConnect Secure 210-260 dumps Mobility Solution? (Choose three.) A. It can protect against command-injection and directory-traversal attacks. B. It provides Internet transport while maintaining corporate security policies. C. It provides secure remote access to managed computers. D. It provides clientless remote access to multiple network-based systems. E. It enforces security policies, regardless of the user location. F. It uses ACLs to determine best-route connections for 300-115 dumps clients in a secure environment. Correct Answer: BCE

QUESTION 3 Cisco AVC allows control of which three of the following? (Choose three.) A. Facebook B. LWAPP C. IPv6 D. MySpace E. Twitter F. WCCP Correct Answer: ADE

QUESTION 4 Which three statements about the Cisco IPS appliance 300-101 dumps configurations are true? (Choose three.)A. The maximum number of denied attackers is set to 10000. B. The block action duraton is set to 3600 seconds. C. The Meta Event Generator is globally enabled. D. Events Summarization is globally disabled. E. Threat Rating Adjustment is globally disabled. Correct Answer: ABC

QUESTION 5 Which two Cisco IPS events will generate an IP log? (Choose two.) A. A signature had an event action 640-911 dumps that was configured with log packets. B. A statically configured IP or IP network criterion was matched. C. A dynamically configured IP address or IP network was matched. D. An attack produced a response action. Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 6 Which IPS engine detects ARP spoofing? A. Atomic ARP Engine B. Service Generic Engine C. ARP Inspection Engine D. AIC Engine Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 7 A system administrator wants to know if the email traffic 300-075 dumps from a remote partner will activate special treatment message filters that are created just for them. Which tool on the Cisco Email Security gateway can you use to debug or emulate the flow that a message takes through the work queue? A. the message tracker interface B. centralized or local message tracking C. the CLI findevent command D. the trace tool E. the CLI grep command Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 8 Which three sender reputation ranges identify the default behavior of the Cisco 300-320 dumps Email Security Appliance? (Choose three.) A. If it is between -1 and +10, the email is accepted B. If it is between +1 and +10, the email is accepted C. If it is between -3 and -1, the email is accepted and additional emails from the sender are throttled D. If it is between -3 and +1, the email is accepted and additional emails from the sender are throttled E. If it is between -4 and +1, the email is accepted and additional emails from the sender are throttled F. If it is between -10 and -3, the email is blocked G. If it is between -10 and -3, the email is sent to the virus and spam engines for additional scanning H. If it is between -10 and -4, the email is blocked

Correct Answer: ACFQUESTION 9 Who or what calculates the signature fidelity rating in a Cisco 300-208 dumps IPS? A. the signature author B. Cisco Professional Services C. the administrator D. the security policy Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 10 Which type of signature is generated by copying a default 300-135 dumps signature and modifying its behavior? A. meta B. custom C. atomic D. normalized Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 11 Which command allows the administrator to access the Cisco 400-251 dumps WSA on a secure channel on port 8443? A. strictssl B. adminaccessconfig C. ssl D. ssh Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 12 When you create a new server profile on the Cisco ESA, which subcommand of the ldapconfig command configures spam quarantine end-user authentication? A. isqauth B. isqalias C. test D. server Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 13 What are three features of the Cisco 210-065 dumps Security Intellishield Alert Manager Service? (Choose three.) A. validation of alerts by security analysts B. custom notifications C. complete threat and vulnerability remediation D. vendor-specific threat analysis E. workflow-management tools F. real-time threat and vulnerability mitigation Correct Answer: ABE

QUESTION 14 Which Cisco Cloud Web Security Connector feature allows access by all of an organization's users while applying Active Directory group policies?A. a company authentication key B. a group authentication key C. a PAC file D. proxy forwarding E. a user authentication key Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 15 The Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a content-routing protocol 300-206 dumps that can facilitate the redirection of traffic flows in real time. Your organization has deployed WCCP to redirect web traffic that traverses their Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASAs) to their Cisco Web Security Appliances (WSAs). The simulator will provide access to the graphical user interfaces of one Cisco ASA and one Cisco WSA that are participating in a WCCP service. Not all aspects of the GUIs are implemented in the simulator. The options that have been implemented are sufficient to determine the best answer to each of the questions that are presented. Your task is to examine the details available in the simulated graphical user interfaces and select the best answer.What traffic is not redirected by WCCP? A. Traffic destined to public address space B. Traffic sent from public address space C. Traffic destined to private address space D. Traffic sent from private address space Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 16 Which feature does Acceptable Use Controls use to implement Cisco 300-209 dumps AVC? A. ISA B. Cisco Web Usage Controls C. Cisco WSA D. Cisco ESA Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 17 What is a valid search parameter for the Cisco ESA find event tool? A. Envelope OriginationB. Envelope Type C. Message ID D. Download Type Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 18 What is the function of the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery protocol? A. It enables a web client to discover the URL of a configuration file. B. It enables a web client to download a script or configuration file that is named by a URL. C. It enables a web client's traffic flows to 70-774 dumps be redirected in real time. D. It enables web clients to dynamically resolve hostname records. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 19 Which technology is used to improve business-critical application performance? A. Application Visibility and Control B. Intrusion Prevention Services C. Advanced Malware Protection D. TrustSec Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 20 Which three categories of the seven major 210-250 dumps risk management categories are covered in the Cyber Risk Reports? (Choose three.) A. vulnerability B. risk rating C. legal D. confidence level E. geopolitical F. global reputation Correct Answer: ACE

QUESTION 21 Which platform has message tracking enabled by default? A. C670 B. C370 C. Virtual ESA D. It is not enabled by default on any platform. Correct Answer: D
NTC Aquatics Finishes 7th Overall at Florida Swimming Senior Championships | National Training Center


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NTC Aquatics Finishes 7th Overall at Florida Swimming Senior Championships

Posted by Lauren Jones, August 3rd, 2015

NTC Lightning had its best showing at the Florida Swimming Senior Championships this past weekend, July 23-26th, in Ft. Pierce, FL. The team placed 7th overall in combined points (men and women) out of 50 teams! 

After braving over two hours of weather delays on Thursday evening, the NTC Lightning added their own fireworks by dropping huge chunks of time in the Men’s 800 meter Freestyle. Rising Junior Sam Hartle (Lake Minneola H.S.) lit up the scoreboard with an excellent 9:08.15 which was good enough for 12th place overall. This was an impressive twenty second drop from his previous time. Elijah Thompkins also tapped in at almost eight seconds from his previous best time.

Friday brought in several outstanding swims and some critical points in the team standings. Cheyenne Willis (Sr. Tavares H.S.) topped all Lightning swimmers with a lifetime best swim in the 200 meter free touching at 2:12.41 finishing 9th overall. NTC had an outstanding showing in the 200 meter Breaststroke with Lauren Buddendorff (Soph. Montverde Academy) tagging the wall in a lifetime best and dropping 4.5 seconds in the process which placed 8th overall.

Timmy Crowley (Sr. Lake Minneola H.S.) finished strong placing 7th in the Men’s 200 meter Breaststroke, while Ben Mack-Jackson, who recently turned 13 years old, swam a 2:39.23, placing 20th. He was just off his 11-12 Boys State Record time he achieved earlier this summer, while competing in the Open Men’s Division against the big boys. The 100 meter Butterfly had Brady Estrada tapping in at 9th for the 15-16 Girls’ event and Morgan Kaisrlik, who will be swimming for the University of Florida Gators this fall as a freshman, finished 12th in the Women’s 100 meter Butterfly.

NTC won its first event of the meet when David Lambert won the 50 meter Breaststroke in a meet record time of 29.40. David is training for the 2016 Olympic Trials while also working at South Lake Hospital as a lifeguard. The former record holder, Roman Sludnov of Russia, was the first man in the world to break the one minute barrier in the 100 meter breaststroke so that was quite the accomplishment for David! Timmy Crowley finished 15th in the same event.

The 400 meter I.M. was the last individual event of the evening and did not disappoint. Morgan Kaisrlik topped all NTC Open swimmers finishing 2nd. Brady Estrada outclassed the B finalists touching 9th, while Lauren Buddendorff churned out a 15th place overall in the 15-16 age group. In the Men’s division, Sam Hartle was 13th in the 15-16 while Timmy Crowley gutted out a 13th place in the Open category. Benjamin Mack-Jackson finished up 21st overall in the Open division. The NTC Lightning’s 400 Medley Relay team of Shaylyn Hewton, Morgan Kaisrlik, Brady Estrada, and Cheyenne Willis finished off the night of finals with a 7th place finish.

Saturday proved to be even more exciting than the day before as the Lightning came out fighting right from the first event. In the 50 meter Freestyle, David Lambert chalked up his second victory of the meet holding off local rival Alexander Forbes to win in 23.3. Jordan Roubicek (East Ridge H.S.) finished in 16th. For the ladies, newcomer Shaylyn Hewton (Montverde Academy) finished 4th, the versatile Brady Estrada (Montverde Academy) finished 11th. Our top point scorer, Morgan Kaisrlik finished 3rd in the 200 IM, while Timmy Crowley was 11th.

With the sun in their eyes, the backstrokers fought through challenging conditions. In the 100 meter Backstroke, Shay Hewton tapped in 4th for the 15-16’s Girls’, Morgan Kaisrlik 5th in the Open, and Conor Lynch 4th overall for the Open Men’s event. The 50 Butterfly had David Lambert at 2nd and Jordan Roubicek was 13th. Cheyenne Willis came back Saturday night to place 14th in the Women’s 400 meter Freestyle. She swam a lifetime best during prelims of 4:44.64.

Saturday evening finished again with a strong showing by our NTC Lightning relay teams. The Women’s 400 meter Freestyle relay with Morgan Kaisrlik, Cheyenne Willis, Shaylyn Hewton, and Brady Estrada, placed 8th. The Men’s 400 meter Freestyle “A” relay team finished 11th pverall with swim from David Lambert, Timmy Crowley, Jordan Roubicek, and Brandun Herbert.

Our Lightning swimmers finished strong on Sunday with Sam Hartle placing 14th in the Men’s 1500 meter Freestyle with a 47 second time drop! Following that Shaylyn Hewton touched the wall first to win the 15-16 Girl’s 50 meter Backstroke with a time of 31.80. Conor Lynch ended up 3rd in the 15-16 Boy’s 50 meter Backstroke (28.73), as was Morgan Kaisrlik in the Women’s event (31.85). NTC had two swimmers in the finals of the 200 meter Butterfly, Brady Estrada finished 6th (2:28.01) and Alyssa Stark was 10th (2:32.57).

Jordan Roubicek went a best time in the 15-16 Boy’s 100 meter Butterfly with a 56.38, and placed 11th. David Lambert finished 4th in the Men’s event with a time of 52.89. Shaylyn Hewton closed out the meet with another top placing in the 15-16 Girl’s 200 Backstroke. She finished 2nd with a time of 2:24.24. Brady Estrada was 15th with a time of 2:39.01. Conor Lynch finished his meet in 8th place in the 15-16 Boy’s 200 Backstroke (2:20.64). Ending her last club meet before she starts college, Morgan Kaisrlik placed 3rd in the Women’s 200 meter Backstroke (2:26.25), while Cheyenne Willis finished 10th.

Congratulations to all our NTC Lightning swimmers who competed this past weekend!